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Amigurumi Sweet Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Sweet Cat Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


  1. Yarn Pekhorka Children’s novelty
    sectional 632
    Any yarn for scarf and nose embroidery
  2. Hook number 2.5
  3. Filler
  4. Black half beads 6 mm 2 pcs
  5. Black thread for muzzle embroidery
  6. Needles, pins, scissors, glue moment
  7. Rhinestones, beads, threads for embroidery and
    any other details for decoration

magic ring – amigurumi ring
sc – single crochet
ch- air loop
inc – increase
dec – decrease
slst – connecting post
hdc – double crochet
(…)*n- repeat n number of times
Do not forget in the process of knitting
stuff the toy with stuffing.
The size of the toy data usage materials 18 cm.

1 row: 6 sc in magic ring
2nd row: 1 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, 1 sc (8 sc)
3rd row: (3 sc, inc) * 2 (10 sc)
4 row: knit a row without changes (10 sc)
5th row: 3 sc, inc, 6 sc (11 sc). Fasten the thread, cut,
leaving a long end for sewing.
Tie the second ear in the same way

Upper paws
1 row: 6 sc in magic ring
2 row: inc in each loop (12 sc)
3-4 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (12 sc)
5th row: 2 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 2 sc (10 sc)
6th row: 3 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec (8 sc)
Lightly fill the palm with filler.
7-9 rows: knit 3 rows without changes (8 sc)
10th row: 3 sc, inc, 3 sc, inc (10 sc)
11-20 rows: knit 10 rows without changes (10 sc)
To make the paws bend, you can use
wire. If you do not want, loosely fill the item
filler to the middle. After which the paw is needed
fold in half and knit 5 sc. Fasten the thread and
cut off. You can also make a palm tightening with
using black cotton thread.
Connect the second paw in the same way.

Lower paws
Do not forget to gradually and tightly stuff the toy
Dial a chain of 6 ch.
1 row from the second loop from the hook: inc, 3 sc, 3 sc in 1
loop, 4 sc (12 sc)
2 row: inc, 4 sc, (inc) * 3, 2 sc, (inc) * 2 (18 sc)
3 row: 1 sc, inc, 4 sc, (1 sc, inc) * 3, 2 sc, (1 sc, inc) * 2 (24 sc)
4-5 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (24 sc).
Finish row 5 strictly in the center.
6 row: 6 sc, (dec) * 6, 6 sc (18 sc)
7th row: 3 sc, (dec) * 6, 3 sc (12 sc)
8 row: 2 sc, (dec) * 4, 2 sc (8 sc)
9-10 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (8 sc)
11th row: 3 sc, inc, 3 sc, inc (10 sc)
12-13 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (10 sc)
14th row: 2 sc, inc, 4 sc, inc, 2 sc (12 sc)
15-16 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (12 sc)
17th row: 5 sc, inc, 5 sc, inc (14 sc)
18 row: knit a row without changes (14 sc)

Lower paws
Then fold the top of the leg in half to see
how many additional loops need to be knitted (see.
in the photo) to align to the middle of the inner
leg parts. I have it 4 sc. Fasten the thread and cut.
Knit the second leg in the same way, after the 18th row for
alignment, I additionally knitted 11 sc. Do not cut the thread, but continue to knit the body.
You may have other quantity in addition
knitted loops. Focus on your knitting and toy

Knitting body and head
From the second leg, tie 8 ch and attach to the first
leg in the place where knitting was completed (next
column, after additionally knitted).
19 row: 14 sc (on the first leg), 8 sc on ch, 14 sc (on
second leg), 8 sc in ch (44 sc)
20-21 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (44 sc)
22nd row: 6 sc, inc, 22 sc, inc, 14 sc (46 sc). Increases
should be on the sides.
23-34 rows: knit 12 rows without changes (46 sc)
35 row: 6 sc, dec, 22 sc, dec, 14 sc (44 sc). Decreases should
be on the sides.
36-37 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (44 sc)
38 row: 6 sc, dec, 20 sc, dec, 14 sc (42 sc)
39-40 rows: knit 2 rows without changes (42 sc)
41 row: 16 sc, dec, 24 sc (41 sc)
42 row in that row knit
hands. Attach them
approximately symmetrical in
parties. I have
it turned out: 4 sc, 5 sc (with
hand), 17 sc, 5 sc (with
hand), 10 sc (41 sc)
43-53 rows: knit 11 rows without changes (41 sc)
54 row: (5 sc, dec) * 5, 6 sc (36 sc)
55 row: 2 sc, dec, (4 sc, dec) * 5, 2 sc (30 sc)
56 row: (3 sc, dec) * 6 (24 sc)
57 row: 1 sc, dec, (2 sc, dec) * 5, 1 sc (18 sc)
58 row: (1 sc, dec) * 6 (12 sc)
59 row: (dec) * 6 (6 sc)
Fasten the thread, cut

Making a muzzle
Between 48 and 49 rows at a distance of 8 sc note
pins 2 points (t1 and t3). From these points on both
sides, left and right, respectively, at a distance
1 sc to mark 2 more points (t2 and t4).
In t1, insert a needle and thread, withdraw to t3, then from t3
enter at t4, leaving at t2. Pull the thread to form
tightening. Glue the eyes. Black cotton thread
embroider the eyelash line, eyebrows. Next, embroider the nose with pink yarn with stitches, embroider a smile and mustache with black cotton thread. Sew on the ears on both sides in the place you like.

Cast on a chain of 68 ch, and starting from the 3rd loop from
hook knit 66 hdc. Fasten the thread, cut.
Try on a cat, sew the scarf joint. By
the edges can be made tassels.
Decorate the toy as you wish. Can be sewn on
buttons, can be embroidered.


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