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Amigurumi New Years Dolls Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi New Years Dolls Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

New Year’s dolls

magic ring – Amigurumi ring
ch – air loop
POV – row rotation
sc – single crochet
sl-st – conn. column
dc – double crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
(………)’6 – knit indicated in brackets 6 times

Hands (2 parts)
Hand color (black, flesh, brown)

  1. 6sc in magic ring
    2.6inc (12)
    3-4. 12sc
  2. (1sc, y)’4 (8) cut the thread
    6-16. 11 rows (white, green, coffee thread) 8sc, cut the sl-st thread

Legs (2 parts)
We start with (black, red, brown) color.

  1. 6sc in magic ring
    2.6inc (12)
  2. (sc, inc)’6 (18)
    4-5. 18sc, put a marker
  3. 3sc, 6u, 3sc (12), cut off
  4. (white, green, coffee) 12sc
  5. (3sc, inc)’3 (15)
    9-10. 15sc, cut the sl-st thread on one leg. On the second leg, we do not cut the thread and continue to knit the body.

Body marker strictly on the side of the body

  1. 8sc on the leg, 3ch, 15sc on the second leg, 3sc on the ch, 7sc on the first leg (36) the legs should
    to look at each other
  2. 36sc
  3. (5sc, inc)’6 (42)
    4-8. 42sc (5 rows)
  4. 10sc, y, 19sc, y, 9sc (40)
  5. 40sc
  6. (4sc, y, 4sc)’4 (36)
  7. 36sc
  8. (7sc, y)’4 (32)
  9. 32sc
  10. (3sc, y, 3sc)’4 (28)
  11. 28sc
  12. (5sc, y)’4 (24)
  13. (2sc, y, 2sc) ‘4 (20) do not knit 2 loops
  14. 4sc in the hand, 6sc, 4sc in the hand, 6sc (20)
  15. 4sc on the hand, 6sc, 4sc on the hand, 6sc (20)
  16. (3sc, y)’4 (16), cut off

Filament at three baby dolls

  1. (1sc, inc)’8 (24)
  2. (1sc, inc)’8 (32)
  3. (3sc, inc)’8 (40)
  4. (2sc, inc, 2sc)’8 (48)
  5. (5sc, inc)’8 (56)
    6-10. 56sc
  6. (5sc, y)’8 (48)
    12 48sc
  7. (3sc, y, 3sc)’6 (42)
  8. (5sc, y)’6 (36)
  9. 36sc
  10. (2sc, y, 2sc)’6 (30)
  11. 30sc
  12. (3sc, y)’6 (24)
  13. (1sc, y, 1sc)’6 (18)
  14. (1sc, y)’6 (12)
  15. 6y, close knitting

For baby
Hat with white thread

  1. 8sc in magic ring
    2.8inc (16)
    3-4. 16sc
  2. 8y (8) cut the thread
    6-10. red thread 8sc
  3. (1sc, inc)’4 (12)
    12-13. 12sc
  4. (1sc, inc)’6 (18)
    15-16. 18sc
  5. (2sc, inc)’6 (24)
  6. 24sb
  7. (3sc, inc)’6 (30)
  8. 30sc
  9. (4sc, inc)’6 (36)
  10. (5sc, inc)’6 (42)
  11. (6sc, inc)’6 (48)
  12. 48sc
  13. (5sc, inc)’8 (56)
  14. 56sc, ss cut off
  15. white thread 3ch, 56dc, sl-st
  16. 56sl-st, sl-st thread cut off
    Green thread leaf 2pcs
    6ch, knit from the 2nd loop
  17. 4sc, 3inc in 1 loop, 4sc (11), ch
  18. ((in 1 loop 1sc, 2dc, 1sc), 1sc)’5, sl-st leave the thread for sewing
    Berry with red thread (3pcs)
  19. 6sc in magic ring, sl-st (sew or glue to leaves)

90ch, from the 2nd loop we knit 89ss
Hat for cow and deer
White or coffee thread

  1. 2ch, 8dc in magic ring, sl-st
  2. 2ch, 8inc dc, sl-st (16)
  3. 2ch, (1dc, inc)’8, slst (24)
  4. 2ch, (2dc, to)’8, sl-st (32)
  5. 2ch, (3dc, inc)’8, slst (40)
  6. 2ch, (4dc, inc)’8, slst (48)
  7. 2ch, (5dc, to)’8, sl-st (56)
    8-9. 2ch, 56dc, sl-st try on, you may need another row
    For the cow, make stitches of various lengths along the body with black thread

Lip with pink thread
10ch, from the 2nd loop we knit inc, 7sc, 4inc in 1p, 7sc, inc, sl-st, leave the thread for sewing.

Horns 2pcs black thread

  1. 6 in magic ring
  2. (1sc, inc)’3 (9)
  3. 9sc, sl-st

Ear 2pcs white thread
1 6 in magic ring
2.6inc (12)

  1. (1sc, inc) ‘2, 1sc, inc from (psn, dc), inc from (dc, psn), 1sc, (inc, 1sc) ‘2, 1sc in the third from the beginning
    loop, sl-st.

Scarf with green thread
1 37ch, from 3rd 34sc, ch, pov
2-3. 34sc, sl-st

Udder with pink thread

  1. 6 in magic ring
    2.6inc (12)
  2. (1, inc)’6-(18)
  3. 1sc, (3sc, in one loop 4sc with one vertex)’4, 1sc (18)
  4. (2sc, inc) ‘6 (24), sl-st, leave the thread for sewing

Flower with white thread

  1. 6sc in magic ring, cut off
  2. red thread (in one loop (3ch, 4dc and 3ch, sl-st), in the next loop sl-st)’3

For deer
Hat with coffee thread like a cow
Ears with coffee thread like a cow
Pug with milk thread

  1. 6 in magic ring
    2.6inc (12)
  2. (3sc, 3inc)’ 2 (18)
  3. (6sc, 3inc)’2 (24), sl-st
    Nose with red thread 8sc in magic ring, sl-st (can be sewn either

Brown thread, one horn is knitted in two parts

  1. 1. 6 in magic ring
  2. 6sc
  3. 1. 6 in magic ring
    2-3. 6sc
  4. for the same detail 3sc, for the second (smaller) 6sc, for the first 3sc
  5. 12sc
  6. 6y (6)
  7. 6sc, sl-st leave the thread for sewing

Belly with milk thread
16 in magic ring
2.6inc (12)

  1. (3sc, 3inc)’ 2 (18)
  2. (6sc, 3inc)’2 (24)
  3. (9sc, 3inc)’2 (30), ss leave the thread for sewing
    Scarf green thread chain of 90ch, more possible


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