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Amigurumi Leprechaun Patrick Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Leprechaun Patrick Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Alize Cotton Gold №126 (shorts, top hat and jacket)
Alize Cotton Gold №110 (vest)
Alize Cotton Gold №382 (flesh)
Alize Cotton Gold №493 (boots)
Alize Cotton Gold №37 (hair, beard and eyebrows)
YarnArt Jeans No. 29 (stripes on golfs)
YarnArt Jeans №01 (shirt, knee-high stripes)
YarnArt Jeans No. 82 (stripe per cylinder)
YarnArt Baby Cotton №436 (clover)
Some black and white for face embroidery
Hook №1,75
Safety eyelets 10mm
Needle for stitching details
Plastic for insoles

magic ring-amigurumi
ch-air loop
sc-single crochet
double crochet-dc
Ptssn-patent double crochet
Rlsbn-embossed front column without yarn over
ZZSP-knitting behind the back wall of the loop
zpsp-knitting for the front wall of the loop
hdc-half crochet
s2n-column with 2 crochets
prssn-increase from double crochets
ubssn-reduction from double crochets
(..)*6-number of repetitions
(12) – number of loops in a row

1) 8sc in magic ring (8)
2)8inc (16)
3) (1sc, inc) * 8 (24)
4) (1sc, inc, 1sc) * 8 (32)
5) (3sc, inc) * 8 (40)
6) (2sc, inc, 2sc) * 8 (48)
7) (7sc, inc) * 6 (54)
8-16) 54sc (9 rows)
17) 27sc, 3ch, skip 3
sbn, 24sc (54)
Insert eyes between 15 and
16 rows, between the eyes
9sc (3 sc from each
end hole from 3 ch 17
18)27sc,3sc zzsp chains
ch, 24sc (54)

19)(16sc,dec)3 (51) 20)51sc 21)(15sc,dec)3 (48)
22)24sc,6inc rlsbn,18sc (54)

23) (2sc, dec) * 6.12sc, (1sc, dec) * 6 (42)
24) (1sc, dec) * 6.12sc, 6dec (30)
25) 12dec, 6sc (18)
26) 6sc, 3dec, 6sc (15)
27) (3sc, dec) * 3 (12)
28)6dec (6)
Leave the thread to tighten the hole, but for now
do not pull. We’ll close the hole when we’re done

Attach a flesh-colored thread to the 17th row.
2) (3sc, inc) * 3 (15)
3) 15sc (15)
4) (3sc, dec) * 3 (12)
5)6dec (6). Pull the hole, hide the thread

2 details
1) 6sc in magic ring (6)
2) 6sc (6)
3) (1sc, inc) * 3 (9)
4) (2sc, inc) * 3 (12)
5) (3sc, inc) * 3 (15)
Fold in half
knit for both walls
hinges 7sc (7)
Leave thread for

Dial a chain of 31 ch. Starting from 2 loops
crochet, knit:
1)6sc,3hdc,3dc,6s2n,3dc,3hdc,6sc,ch (30)
Turn knitting.
2) 6sc, 3hdc, 3dc, 6s2n, 3dc, 3hdc, 6sc (30).
Leave the thread for sewing.

Cast on 31ch. Starting with 2 loops from the hook
knit 5 inc, sl-st. Dial 6ch, starting from 2
knit loops from the hook 5 inc, sl-st.
Knit like this to the end of the row.

1) 8sc in magic ring (8)
2)8inc (16)
3) (1sc, inc) * 8 (24)
4) (1sc, inc, 1sc) * 8 (32)
5) (3sc, inc) * 8 (40)
6) (2sc, inc, 2sc) * 8 (48)
7) (5sc, inc) * 8 (56)
8) 56sc (56)
9) (13sc, inc) * 4 (60)
10)60sc ZZSP (60)
11-13) 60sc (3 rows)
14)(18sc,dec)3 (57) 15-17) 57sc (3 rows) 18)(17sc,dec)3 (54)
19) 54sc (54)
20) (7sc, dec) * 6 (48)
21) (14sc, dec) * 3 (45)
Change color to dark green
22) 45sc (45)
23) (14sc, inc) * 3 (48)
Change color to main
cylinder color.
24) (11sc, inc) * 4 (52)
25) ZPSP (2sc, inc) * 17 (69)
26) Knit 69sc Rachim
step, sl-st. Leave thread
for sewing.

Take a flesh-colored thread. Insert the needle into
the base of the head, bring it out at point G and bring it to
point B. Bring the needle out at point A and insert it into point
B. Bring the needle through the hole at the base of the head.
Pull your eyes, help yourself with your fingers.
need to re-tighten. Hide knots
inside the head.

Sew on the ears.

Embroider the whites of the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Sew on beard and hair

Pull the thread from the fields of the cylinder to
the remaining rear half-loops in the 25th row.
Sew the cylinder to the head. Hole in
pull off the base of the head.

2 details
1) 6sc in magic ring (6)
2)6inc (12)
3) (3sc, inc) * 3 (15)
4-5) 15sc (2 rows)
6) 1sc, popcorn (in one
knit a loop 4 dc.
Hook insert into
first ssn and stretch
working through it
loop ch, 13sc (15)

7) 15sc (15)
8) (3sc, dec) * 3 (12)
9) (4sc, dec) * 2 (10)
10-21) 10sc (12
Change color to
22-27) 10sc (6
Fill your palm tightly, gradually reducing the stuffing
to no to the elbow. Fold the part in half and
knit behind both walls of the loop 5sc (5)

2 details
We start knitting with the color of shoes
1) Cast on 6 ch, starting with 2 loops from the hook:
4sc, 3sc in the last loop, on the reverse
side 3sc, inc (12)

2) inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc, 2inc (18)
3) inc, 5sc, 5inc, 7sc (24)
4) 24sc (24)
5)ZZSP 24sc (24)
Cut out the plastic insoles.
6-7) 24sc (2 rows)
8) 6sc, 6dec, 6sc (18)
9) 3sc, 6dec, 3sc (12)
Change the thread to white. Brown does not
cut off, bring it out before work.

10) ZZSP 12sc (12)
11-12) 12sc (2 rows)
Now add a light green color without cutting off the white.
13-14) 12sc (2 rows)
15-17) 12sc (3 rows)
light green
18-19) 12sc (2 rows)
20-22) 12sc (3 rows)
light green
23-24) 12sc (2 rows)
light green yarn
can be cut off.
25) 12sc (12)
26) (3sc, inc) * 3 (15)
27) (2sc, inc, 2sc) * 3 (18)
28) 18sc (18)
Change the thread to
green, color
shorts.White thread
cut off.
29) 18sc (18)
30)ZZSP 18sc (18).
ss, cut the thread.
Return to the 9th row. Brown thread, which
left before work knit:
5sc, prssn, dc, prssn, 4sc (14), sl-st. Hide the thread.

Tie the second leg in the same way, but with a green thread
do not cut. We will continue to knit the body.
We will connect from the back, so the second leg
tie to the inside of the thigh and dial
3ch and connect with the first leg.
1) 18sc on the first leg, 3inc along the chain of ch, 18sc on
second leg, 3 inc along the chain from ch (48)

2) 18sc, 6inc, 24sc (54)
3-9) 54sc (7 rows)
Change the thread to yellow.
10) 54sc (54)
11)ZZSP 54sc (54)

After knitting rlsbn, do not forget that
the next loop is hard to see.
13)23sc,1rlsbn,30sc (54)
14) (7sc, dec) * 2.3sc, dec, 1rlsbn, 4sc, dec, (7sc, dec) * 2,
6sc (48)
15) 20sc, 1rlsbn, 27sc (48)
16)20sc,1rlsbn,27sc (48)
17) (6sc, dec) * 2.2sc, dec, 1rlbn, 4sc, dec, (6sc, dec) * 2,
5sc (42)
18)17sc,1rlsbn,24sc (42)
19) (5sc, dec) * 2.1sc, dec, 1rlsbn, 4sc, dec, (5sc, dec) * 2,
4sc (36)
20)14sc,1rlsbn,21sc (36)
Now enter the white color. We will knit two
Further white-B, yellow-F.
21) F 6sc, B 5sc, F 13sc, B 5sc, F 7sc (36)

22) F 5sc, B 7sc, F 3sc, B 5sc, F 3sc, B 7sc, F
6sc (36)
23) W 5 sc, B 1 sc, 5 sc with hand, 1 sc, F 3 sc, B
5sc, F 3sc, B 1sc, 5sc with hand, 1sc, F 6sc (36)
24) W (4sc, dec) * 2.3sc, B 1sc, dec, 2sc, F 2sc, dec,
(4sc,dec)*2 (30)
25) W (3sc, dec) * 2, dec, B 6sc, F dec, (3sc, dec) * 2 (24)
Cut the yellow and white threads. Change the thread to
26)ZZSP(2sc, dec)*6 (18)
27) 18sc (18)
28) (4sc, dec) * 3 (15), sl-st
Leave the thread for sewing on the head.

Vest binding
Yellow thread, starting from the middle of the neck
knit 8sc ZPSP at the back. Further along the entire
border of yellow and white knit tambour
seam (sl-st). When we return to the neck, knit again
8sc GZSP. Make sure that in the 26th row
body, where the color changed from white to flesh, 6 PSP remained.
Knit along the armholes in yellow
chain stitch (sl-st)

Vest floors
Mark PSP under rlsbn, count 10 loops
to the right. Count from psp from rlsbn 10 loops
to the left. First we knit the right half

We knit rotary
1) 10sc, ch (10)
2) dec, 6sc, dec, ch (8)
3) dec, 4sc, dec, ch (6)
4) dec, 2sc, dec, ch (4)
5) 2dec (2) sl-st. Cut the thread.

Now we knit another floor.
1) 10 sc, so that the tenth sc was knitted from
rlsbn, ch (10)

2) dec, 6sc, dec, ch (8)
3) dec, 4sc, dec, ch (6)
4) dec, 2sc, dec, ch (4)
5) 2dec (2) ch.
Without unrolling knitting, knit the entire vest and
floors in a circle sc.

Shirt collar
Return to the 26th row of the body. They left 6
PSP. Each half of the collar is knitted for 3
half loops.
We knit with white thread:
1) sc, in the next half-loop: hdc, dc, hdc, in the next.
half loop sc
2) sc, in the next half-loop: hdc, dc, hdc, in the next.
half loop sc

Attach a green thread to the 30th row
1-3) 18sc (3 rows), sl-st
Fasten the thread and hide.
Knit the second leg in the same way.

Embroider clasp on shoes

The whole jacket, except for the sleeves, is knitted with swivel
Dial a chain of 58ch. Starting with 3 loops from
crochet hook:
1-4) 56dc (4 rows)
5) dec dc, 52dc, dec dc (54)
6) (7dc,dec dc)*6 (48)
7) (4 dc, dec dc) * 8 (40)
8) (2 dc, dec dc) * 10 (30)
9) 3bssn, 5ch skip 5 loops, 4dec dc, 5ch
skip 5 loops, 3dec dc (20)
10) 20sc (20)
Tie the jacket in a circle along the top to the level
armholes dc, below sc.

1) Attach the thread to the armhole. Knit 14dc
5dc on top and bottom, 2dc on the sides. (fourteen)
2) (6dc, inc) * 2 (16)
3-7) 16dc (5 rows)
Steam the jacket to give it

Cast on chain 8ch, sl-st in fourth st from
hook. Without unfolding knitting, knit sc in
formed ring. Now expand
knitting, we will knit 3 more rings for
clover leaves.
3ch, sc in the ring, 4ch, sc in the ring, 3ch, sc in
ring. Knitting expand. In each of the new
knit rings: sc,hdc,2dc,1Ptssn, 2sc, 1Ptssn,2dc,hdc, to the central
The remaining 5ch knit sl-st

Clover to sew on a jacket


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