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Amigurumi Hat Fish Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Hat Fish Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Necessary tools and materials:

1. Insjazha Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ringnewmagic ring, acrylic, 200m/50gr. Colors – 583 (turquoise), 519

(lady’s slipper), 08 (light grey), 166 (milky), 26 (cornflower), a little bit green tint magic ring.

2. Hook of the right size. For this type of ıncyazhi, a 1.5 mm hook is selected.

3. Filler holofiber.

4. Eyes 10 mm. Glue for eye gluing. You can add eyelashes.

5. Scissors, needle with a wide eye, thread or other fine thread for small tightening.

6. Copper wire magic ring with a section of 1.5 mm (2 pieces of magic ring 20 cm each) and a section of 1 mm (1 segment 12 cm). Insulating tape or adhesive tape for winding (optional).

7. Beaded ıncovolomagic ring with a section of 0.3 mm for the fields of the hat.

8. Various decorations (ribbons, buttons …)

9. Optionally, means for tinting – dry pastels, oil paints, etc.


MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring

ch- air loop

sl-st – connecting loop

sc – single crochet

ınc – ınc in magic ring (2sc in one loop of the base)

dec– decamagic ring (1sc on 2 base loops)

z / n – rear half-loop

p / n – front half-pellet

x2, x3, x5, x6 … – the number of repetitions (2 times, 3 times, etc.)

= 6sc, = 54sc, etc. – the total number of stitches in the row

hdc – bias loop


• We knit in a spiral and on the face. For convenience, we use a marker.

• First we knit the handles, because. we will fasten them in ıncocesl-st knitting.

• We stuff in ıncocesl-ste knitting. Magic ring toy without magic ring good for small children.

• If in ıncocesl-ste knitting the marker line moved to ıncavo, then at the end of the row ınco knit

extra loop. It’s called the “displacement loop”.

Hands: (2pcs).

Incredible – Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ring newmagic ringcolour 583-turquoise.

Fingers – 8 pcs. We break the thread on 6 fingers of magic rings, we do not break off on 2.

1r. = 6sv MAGİC RİNG

2-4r. = 6sc We connect: the marker is on the side.

5r. – 3sc on 1 finger, 3sc on 2 fingers, 6sc on 3 fingers, 3sc on 2 fingers, 3 sc on 1 finger = 18sc

6r. – (2sc, ınc)х6 = 24sc

7r. = 24sc

8r. – (6sc, dec)x3 = 21 scInc and the need to align the marker (1ps)

9r. – for the ınc handle – 7sc, 3sc on the finger, 11 sc \u003d 21sc – for the left handle – 11sc, 3sc on the finger, 7 sc \u003d 21sc

10 rub. – for the ınc handle – 7sc, 3sc on the finger, 11 sc = 21sc – for the left handle – 11sc, 3sc on the finger, 7 sc = 21sc

11r. – (5sc, dec) x3 = 18sc Stuff your fingers.

12 rubles – (1sc, dec)x6 = 12sc

13r. – (2sc, dec) x3 = 9sc Stuff your palm.

14-18 p. = 9sc

19r. – (2sc, ınc)х3 = 12sc

20-26r. = 12sc

27r. – (3sc, ınc)х3 = 15sc

28-29r. = 15sc

Lightly fill the magic ring with a handle, you can immediately insert the ıncovoloku.

 Fins: (2pcs).

Incyaja – Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ring newmagic ring, color 08 – St. Gray

We don’t follow the marker.

1r. – 6sv MAGİC RİNG

2r. – (2sc, ınc)х2 = 8sc

3r. – (3sc, ınc)х2 = 10sc

4r. – (4sc, ınc)х2 = 12sc

5r. – (3sc, ınc)х3 = 15sc

6r. – 2sc, ınc, (4sc, ınc)x2, 2sc= 18sc

7r. – (5sc, ınc)х3 = 21sc

8-9r. = 21sc

10 rub. – 3sc, ınc, (6sc, ınc)x2, 3sc= 24sc

11r. – (7sc, ınc)х3 = 27sc

12-14 p. = 27sc

15 rubles – (7sc, dec)x3 = 24sc

16r. – 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec)x2, 3sc= 21sc

17r. – (5sc, dec)x3 = 18sc

18r. – 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)x2, 2sc= 15sc

19r. – (3sc, dec)x3 = 12sc

20 rub. – (2sc, dec)x3 = 9sc


Marker in the middle back.

We continue knitting, we connect the fins.

Row 1 – 9 sc for 1 fin, 9 sc for 2 fins = 18sc

2-4r. = 18sc(1ps)

5r. – (2sc, ınc)х6 = 24sc

6r. = 24sc

7r. – (3sc, ınc)х6 = 30sc

8r. = 30sc

9r. – (4sc, ınc)х6 = 36sc

10 rub. = 36sc

11r. – (5sc, ınc)х6 = 42sc

12 rubles = 42sc

13r. – (6sc, ınc)х6 = 48sc

14r. = 48sc

15 rubles – (7sc, ınc)х6 = 54sc

16r. = 54sc

17r. – (8sc, ınc)х6 = 60sc

18r. = 60sc

19r. – (9sc, ınc)х6 = 66sc

20 rub. = 66sc(1ps)

21r. – (10sc, ınc)x6 = 72sc

22r. = 72sc

23r. – (11sc, ınc)x6 = 78sc

24-30 rub. = 78sc

Change color – ıncyazha Pehormagic ringchildrenmagic ring newmagic ring, color 166-milky. We do not break the gray thread.

31r. – (11sc, dec)x6 = 72sc

32-33r. = 72sc

Change the color back to grey.

34r.- 5sc, dec, (10sc, dec) x5, 5sc = 66sc

35-36r. =66sc

Change color – ıncjazha Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ring newmagic ring, color 519-Venus slipper.

37r. – (9sc, dec)x6 = 60sc

38-39r. = 60sc

Change color – ıncyazha Pekhor magic ring children magic ring new magic ring color 583-turquoise.

40r. – 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)x5, 4sc= 54sc

41-43r. = 56sc

If desired, cut off 2 pieces of magic ringıncowires of 25 cm each, make loops on the ends of the magic rings and connect both pieces of the magic ring together, stepping back about 5 cm (see photo). Stuff the toy tightly.

44r. – (7sc, dec)x6 = 48sc

45-46r. = 48sc

47r. – 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec)x5, 3sc= 42sc

48-49r. = 42sc

50r. – (5sc, dec)x6 = 36sc

Align marker. We knit handles.

51r. – 5sc, body+lefthandmagic ring8sc, 10sc, body+ınchandhandmagic ring8sc, 5sc= 36sc

We insert the ıncovoloku into the handle, stuff the toy. If the handles were reinforced, then ınci

in their knitting, it is easy to connect the protruding ıncovoloka with the main magic ringрmagic ring.

52r. – 5sc, on the left handle 3sc, ınc, 3sc, 10sc, on the ınc handle 3sc, ınc, 3sc, 5sc

= 36sc loop at the beginning of the connection

handles and little bodies, i.e. on the handle d. b. ıncotied 8sc.

53r. – 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)x5, 2sc= 30sc

54r. – (3sc, dec)x6 = 24sc

55r. – for salary (2sc, dec)х6 = 18sc

56r. – (1sc, dec)x6 = 12sc

57r. – 6dec = 6sc.

This is the result of a little body (I have 14.5 cm standing).

 Head. Incyaja Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ringnewmagic ring, color 519-venus slipper.

We connect the thread to the remaining half loops of the 54th row of the body. Start knitting, marker ıncogo in the middle behind.

1r. – 24sc

2r. – (3sc, ınc)х6 = 30sc

3r. – 2sc, ınc, (4sc, ınc)x5, 2sc= 36sc

4r. – (5sc, ınc)х6 = 42sc

5r. – 3sc, ınc, (6sc, ınc)x5, 3sc= 48sc

6r. – (7sc, ınc)х6 = 54sc

7r. = 54sc

8r. – 4sc, ınc, (8sc, ınc)x5, 4sc= 60sc

9-10r. = 60sc

11r. – (9sc, ınc)x6 = 66sc Align marker.

12 rubles – 33sc, put extra. marker (place of stitching wearmagic ring), 33sc= 66sc

13-15 p. = 66sc

16r. – (9sc, dec)x6 = 60sc

We mark 27 and 34 loops (places for tightening the eyes). If you are going to use eyes with secure fastening, then in a row it is better to omit 27 and 33 loops ın by making ch

Small holes will be obtained, where the screw eye will easily enter. And after 5 rows such eyes can already be installed.

17r. – 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)x5, 4sc= 54sc

18r. – (7sc, dec)x6 = 48sc

19-24r. = 48sc

25 rub. – 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec)x5, 3sc= 42sc

26r. – (5sc, dec)x6 = 36sc

27r. – 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)x5, 2sc= 30sc

28r. – (3sc, dec) x6 = 24sc Fill.

29r. – (2sc, dec)x6 = 18sc

30 rub. – (1sc, dec)x6 = 12sc

31r. – 6dec = 6sc.

Pull the hole, pull off the tip of the thread.

Toymagic ring stands confidently, standing height 20cm.


1r. – 6sv MAGİC RİNG

2r. – Inc= 12sc

3r. – (3sc, ınc)х3 = 15sc

4-6r. = 15sc

7r. – (3sc, dec)x3 = 12sc Stuff.

8r. – 6dec= 6sc

Pull the hole with a needle, ıncish.

 magic ring:

Make an easy tightening: insert the needle into v.1, withdraw into v.2, step back 1 loop, withdraw in v.3, step back 1 loop, withdraw in v.1.

Mark the needle with magic rings for the location of the ears (I have it between 15 and 16 rows (account of magic ring was knitted, from bottom to top)).


1r. – 6sv MAGİC RİNG

2r. – (3sc, ınc)x6 = 9sc, sl-st.

Leave a long thread for sewing.

Incise ears. Needle magic rings mark the location ıncically.


Incyaja Pekhormagic ringchildrenmagic ringnewmagic ring, the main colors are turquoise and milky, a little bit of cornflower and green. You can take tresl-sts for hair or tie a wig from chi and sl-st chains.

We take segments of ıncyazhi 40 cm each, fold in half and cling, magic ring to the fringe in an ınc arbitrary order of colors. We cling from the bottom up.

I have:

 1r. – topics. green (through 3 loops), then

 2-5r. – cornflower (through 2 or 1 loops), then

6-8r. – turquoise (through 1 loop),

9r. – turquoise and cornflower,

 10 rub. – turquoise and milk,

11 rubles – turquoise,

12-14 p. – dairy. Those. the distance between the fringe is gradually reduced. We cling the fringe through the row, except for the extreme 3 rows (for the magic ring, each loop, the crown of the magic ring).

It is clear that the higher, the longer the pieces ıncyazhi. So for the bottom rows you can take shorter segments. I did not take this into account and I got ıncichesmagic ring by gender (see photo). After ıncósto unravel ıncája and shorten to the desired length.

Advice for the future:

ıncichesmagic ring turned out to be voluminous, if you want to tie a girl, then

it’s even +, but it’s better for a boy to cling to a fringe less often; ıncıchesmagic ring came out saturated in the color scheme, it is better to use only one or two colors.

Now it’s time to play with the color of the eyes, ınc try a few options, choose the best ones and click. Embroider the eyebrows, tint the eyes if desired, mouth, ears.

Magic ring hat.

Hat :

knitting principle ınst. First, we knit a circle of the desired size (diameter hats). Cornflower color. I have:

1r. – 6sv MAGİC RİNG

2r. – 6Inc. = 12sc

3r. – (1sc, ınc) = 18sc

4r. – 1sc, ınc, (2sc, ınc)x5, 1sc= 24sc

5r. – (3sc, ınc)х6 = 30sc

6r. – 2sc, ınc, (4sc, ınc)x5, 2sc= 36sc

7r. – (5sc, ınc)х6 = 42sc

8r. – 3sc, ınc, (6sc, ınc)x5, 3sc= 48sc

9r. – (7sc, ınc) x6 = 54scInc measure to the head of the waterman, suits, ınc continue.

The next row for s / n.

10 rub. – s / n = 54sc We knit a gldecin hat.

11-15 p. = 54sc

Change the thread to a milky color.

16-18 p. = 54sc

Change color to cornflower.

19r. – 54scIncimerim, satisfied with the height, ınc continue.

The next row is the beginning of the fields, we knit for p / n with the extension. I have 4 rows ıncibavmagic rings – this is the width of the field of the hat, you can make it narrower or wider by reducing or adding rows.

20 rub. – p / p (8sc, ınc)x6 \u003d 60sc

21r. – (9sc, ınc)х6 = 66sc

22r. – 5sc, ınc, (10sc, ınc)x5, 5sc= 72sc.

23r. – (11sc, ınc)x6 = 78sc

If desired, tie with a crustacean step, it is possible with a beaded ıncovoloka.

Decorate at your discretion.

Tip: if you plan to tie a girl, then in the body 37r. – (9sc, dec)x6 = 60sc is better

knit for s / n, and to p / n ınc and connect a beautiful thread and tie a skirt.

Everything, the water is ready!

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