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Amigurumi Girl Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Girl Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


• 2.20 mm (2.50 mm is also fine) and 2.00 mm crochet hooks

• Tapestry Needle

• Scissors

• Pins

• Safety eyes (I used 6 mm green safety eyes)

• Stuffing

• Stitch markers

• Black embroidery thread

• 100% Cotton Yarn

o I used Schachenmayr Catania Originals – Sport – 5ply | Fine (2)

▪ 436 skin color

▪ 105 white

▪ 110 black

▪ 161 light brown

▪ 162 dark Brown

▪ 292 dark green

▪ 290 light green

▪ 192 ruby red


ch – chain stitch
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
BLO – back loop only
hdc – half double crochet
hdc-inc – hdc increase
hdc-dec – hdc decrease
dc – double crochet
dc-inc – dc increase
dc- dec – dc decrease
inc – increase
dec – decrease
MR – magic ring
sk – skip


• I always use an invisible decrease which makes the decreases look smoother and does not leave

any gaps in the work.

• Always work in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated. This means you do not join at the end

of each round. So always use stitch markers!

• I used ‘yarn under hook’ rather than ‘yarn over hook’ but it’s completely up to you.

• Do not use safety eyes if you’re making this toy for a child under three; it’s safer to use black

embroidery thread to make the eyes.

• When you’re changing colors, always join the new color in the last stitch of the previous color.

• Don’t forget to stuff your work tightly as you go.

• The number before a stitch means you’ll be making that stitch in the following indicated number

of stitches. (4sc means you’ll make 1 sc for the next 4 stitches.)

ARMS (Make 2)

Start with skin color,

1 6sc in MR 6

2 (sc, inc)x3 9

3-22 9sc (for 20 rounds) 9

Change to shirt color (White)

23-24 9sc (for 2 rounds) 9

Flatten and close with 4sc.

You don’t need to stuff the arms.

Fasten off.

LEGS (Make 2)

We’ll start with making the socks, so we’ll start with black and then we’ll alternate

between black and white.

              1 6sc in MR 6

2 inc x 6 12

3 12sc 12

Change color to white, keep changing every 2 rounds

4-17 12sc (for 14 rounds) 12

Change to skin color. (don’t cut the other yarn, leave it hanging outside)

18 BLO 12sc 12

19-32 12sc (for 14 rounds) 12

Change to panty color (light brown)

33-34 12sc 12

Stuff the leg tightly, fold in half and make 6sc to close. Fasten off the first leg, but

do not fasten off the second one as we’ll continue with the body.

Holding the leg upside down, make 12 sl st to the front loops in round 18.


We will continue with the light brown color,

1 Make 6 ch, take the first leg and make 6sc in only the back loops.

Turn the front and make 6sc to the front loops. Make 6sc in the 6

chains and 6sc to the front loops of the second leg, 6sc to the back

loops of the second leg, 6sc to the other side of 6 chains. (Check

the pictures and make sure the color changes from the sock stay ın

the back;) ) 36

2-5 36sc (for 4 rounds) 36

Change to shirt color (white)

6 BLO 36 sc (Make 36 sl st to the front loops in light brown) 36

7-9 36sc (for 3 rounds) 36

10 6sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 10sc 34

11 5sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 9sc 32

12 32sc 32

13 5sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 9sc 30

14 4sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 8sc 28

15-16 28sc (for 2 rounds) 28

17 4sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 8sc 26

18 3sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 7sc 24

19 24sc 24

20 3sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 7sc 22

21 2sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 6sc 20

22 2sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 6sc 18,

23 sc, 4sc connecting the arm through all 4 loops, 6sc, 4sc connecting

the arm through all 4 loops, 3sc 18

24 (sc,dec)x6 12

Change to skin color. Stuff the body tightly.

25-26 12sc 12

27 BLO (2sc, dec)x3 9

28-34 9sc (for 7 rounds) 9

Stuff like crazy!

35 (sc, dec)x3 6

Fasten off and close the gap.

Now we’ll go back to the front loops from Round 27 and make the head.


Connect skin color yarn to the first front loop from round 27 of the body. I used a standing single crochet to connect it.

1 12inc 24

2 (3sc, inc)x6 30

3 (4sc, inc)x6 36

4 (5sc, inc)x6 42

5 (6sc, inc)x6 48

6 (7sc, inc)x6 54

7 (8sc, inc)x6 60

8 (9sc, inc)x6 66

9-21 66sc (for 13 rounds) 66

Insert safety eyes between rounds 12-13, 12 stitches apart. Embroider the eyelashes according to the pics

22 (9sc, dec)x6 60

23 (8sc, dec)x6 54

24 (7sc, dec)x6 48

25 (6sc, dec)x6 42

26 (5sc, dec)x6 36

27 (4sc, dec)x6 30

28 (3sc, dec)x6 24

29 (2sc, dec)x6 18

30 (sc, dec)x6 12

31 6dec 6

Stuff the head firmly and close, fasten off


With dark brown,

1 6sc in MR 6

2 6inc 12

3 (sc, inc)x6 18

4 (2sc, inc)x6 24

5 (3sc, inc)x6 30

6 (4sc, inc)x6 36

7 (5sc, inc)x6 42

8 (6sc, inc)x6 48

9 (7sc, inc)x6 54

10 (8sc, inc)x6 60

11 (9sc, inc)x6 66

12-21 66sc (for 10 rounds) 66

22 Using only the back loops; sc, hdc, dc, 6tc, dc, hdc, 45sc, hdc, 2dc, 6tc, dc 66

Now you reached the end of the round, but

keep going on the front loops from round 22.

Make dc, hdc, sc, sl st. Fasten off and leave a

tail to sew the hair on the head.

Now we’ll make the hair strands;

Holding the hair cap upside down, connect

your yarn to the 10th front loop after the last

sl st you made.

*Chain 21, turn and starting at the second ch

from the hook make 20 sc.

sl st to the next front loop.*

Repeat * * 2 more times and you’ll have 3

strands of hair.

Fasten off and count 15 front loops from the

first front loop and connect your yarn.

Repeat * * 3 times. Check pictures for

clarification. Fasten off and weave in ends.


(I used a 2.20 mm hook here)

Start with dark green,

1 ch 26, starting at the third ch from hook, make 24 hdc, ch2 and turn 24

2 4hdc, hdc-inc, 14hdc, hdc-inc, 4hdc, ch1 and turn 26

Change color to light green

3 4sc, ch 6, skip 4 st, 10sc, ch 6, skip 4 st, 4sc, ch1 and turn 30

4 30sc, ch2 and turn 30

Change to dark green

5 3hdc, hdc-inc, 6hdc, hdc-inc, 8hdc, hdc-inc, 6hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, ch2 and turn 34

6 34hdc, ch2 and turn 34

7 34 hdc 34

sl st to the beginning hdc and ch 2.

We’ll start working in rounds from now on.

Make a sl st and ch2 at the end of every round. Do not turn.

8 (dc, dc-inc)x17 51

9 (2dc, dc-inc)x17 68

10 (3dc, dc-inc)x17 85

11 85dc 85

12 85dc – do not sl st and ch2 here 85

13 FLO [sl st, ch4, sc] in the same stitch, repeat 85 times for every stitch.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Go back to the back loops from the last round and connect your light green yarn. (sc, sk 2 back loops, 5dc in the next back loop, sk 2 back loops) repeat till you reach the last back loop and make another sc there. Fasten off and weave in ends.


(I used a 2.20 mm hook here)

With ruby red color – ch2 and turn at the row ends

1 ch 42, starting at the third ch from hook, make 40 hdc 40

2 hdc-inc, 18hdc, 2hdc-inc, 18hdc, hdc-inc 44

3 hdc-inc, 20hdc, 2hdc-inc, 20hdc, hdc-inc 48

4 hdc-inc, 22hdc, 2hdc-inc, 22hdc, hdc-inc 52

5 hdc-inc, 24hdc, 2hdc-inc, 24hdc, hdc-inc 56

6-11 56hdc (for 6 rows) 56

Flatten and make 28 sl st to close the back of the hood


(I used a 2.20 mm hook here)

Connect your ruby red yarn to the righthand corner and ch2

We’ll work in rows, ch2 and turn at the row ends,

1 Make 36dc evenly 36

2 (dc, dc-inc)x18 54

3-4 54dc (for 2 rows) 54

5 2dc-dec, 46dc, 2dc-dec 50

6 2dc-dec, 42dc, 2dc-dec 46

If you want your cape to be longer, you can keep making dc rows. Otherwise, fasten off and weave in ends.

Make an i-cord about 30 cm long and sew it to the back of the hood.


Make an i-cord about 30 cm long.

How to make an i-cord?

Chain 3, insert your hook to the second ch
from hook and pull up a loop. Insert your
hook to the third ch from hook and pull up
another loop. Now you have 3 loops on hook.

Remove the second and third loops from the
hook but don’t lose them. Yarn over and pull
up a loop. Place the dropped second loop
back onto the hook and you’ll have two loops
on hook. Yarn over and pull the yarn through
one loop. Place the last loop back onto the
hook and you’ll have 3 loops on hook. Yarn
over and pull the yarn through one loop

BOOTS (Make 2)

1 ch 6, starting at the second ch from hook, 4sc, 3sc in the last

stitch, continue to the other side of the chain and make 3sc, inc 1 12

2 inc, 3sc, 3inc, 3sc, 2inc 18

3 BLO 18sc 18

4 18sc 18

5 6sc, hdc, 2hdc-dec, hdc, 6sc 16

6 7sc, dec, 7sc 15

7-8 15sc (for 2 rounds) 15

Make a sl st, fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. Arrange the hair on the head so that the bangs are about 3-4 rounds above the eyes.
  2. Put on her dress, boots and hooded cape

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