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Amigurumi Dog Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Dog Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Legend :
sc – single crochet,
inc – increase,
dec – decrease,
psn – half-column with a crochet,
dc – double crochet.

I used plush yarn from yarn art dolce, you can take an analogue, hook
4.5mm. White details are soft in two threads. For eyes, nose and sewing
details I used Vita Coco 100% cotton.
If you knit from soft, then you need to knit in two threads.
The consumption of yarn art dolce is less than a skein, if from soft then a skein.

About plush yarn: the yarn is very pleasant to the touch, the toys are soft and
pressing))). When knitting, it can crumble a little, disperse. dissolve
knitting from this yarn is impossible, the thread will not be uniform. Stitch the details of this
I do not recommend yarn. Loops when knitting are clearly visible, it is very convenient. Not
I recommend knitting too tightly, the toy will be rough or vice versa
too volumetric, as there will be holes-gaps, which does not look very good aesthetically.
The growth of the dog comes out about 22 cm.


We start knitting from the head, the dog’s head and body are knitted together.


  1. – 6sc in magic ring.
  2. – inc * 6 times (12).
  3. – (1sc, inc) * 6 times (18)
  4. – (2sc, inc) * 6 times (24)
  5. – (3sc, inc) * 6 times (30)
    6 – 9. 30sc (4 rows)
  6. – (3sc, dec) * 6 times. (24)
  7. – (2sc, dec) * 6 times. (eighteen)
  8. – (1sc, dec) * 6 times. (12)
    Without interrupting knitting, we continue to knit the body.
  9. – (1sc, inc) * 6 times (18)
  10. (18)
  11. – (2sc, inc) * 6 times (24)
    17-22. 24sc (6 rows)
    Fill your head with filler, I use holofiber.
    After that, without breaking the thread, we immediately knit the first leg. We knit 10 sc, putting
    marker in the first loop. Then we knit 11 loops in the first, where the marker is,
    this will be the beginning of the row, this will be the first loop of the second row. And so on for 4 more rows 10 loops. Then we close the knitting for five decreases, cut the thread. It turns out 23 – 27
    a row of 10 sc.
    Let’s move on to the second leg.
    We retreat from the first two loops and knit like the first, 10 sc, connect, and so on.
    It turns out between the legs two loops, we stuff a toy into this hole. Per we sew this hole by folding it in half.

Handles 2 pcs.
We collect two loops and knit 4 sc in the second.

  1. – inc * 4 times ( 8 )
    3 – 9. – 8sc
    Stuff the handle a little, fold in half and knit 3 sc over the edge. crop,
    fasten and hide the thread.

Ears 2 pcs.

  1. – 6sc in magic ring.
  2. – inc * 6 times (12).
    3-7.12 sc.
  3. – (4 sc, dec) * 2 times (10)
    9.-10 sc.
    Fold the ear in half and knit 4 sc.
    We break the thread, hide.

Muzzle (I knit white soft).
We collect 5 air loops. In the 2nd from the hook, cases inc, 2 sc, 3sc to the extreme,
we continue to knit in a circle, 3 sc.

  1. – 2inc, 2sc, 3inc, 2sc, inc. (sixteen).
  2. – (16), cut off and fasten the thread.

Belly oval (white).

  1. – inc * 6 times (12).
  2. – psn, 2dc in one loop in the second, psn. No need to knit a row
    fasten, cut the thread.


  1. – 6sc, The beginning (tip) can be knitted in white, two rows.
    Next, we knit the number of rows you need for your taste in 6sc.

Eyes (I knit Coco Vita).

  1. – inc * 6 times (12).
    Leave the thread for sewing.

Spout (coco vita).
We knit a triangle of the size you need using the method with
the presented scheme with single crochets.

We collect a chain of 43 air loops. We start knitting in the second loop from
hook, knit one row with double crochets, fasten, cut the thread.

Dog assembly.
Sew the ears to the head between the 3rd and 4th rows. We sew the muzzle under 6 next.
Nose to your taste. Make white highlights on the eyes, sew on the eyes, eyelids
are made at will. Sew on handles, belly, tail. tie a scarf and
the dog is ready. If you want to make the handles movable, you can sew them on.
button fastening method, I sew on through the toy, from the button to
button – “shuttle”. I stitch back and forth several times.


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